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Luxury for the masses

October 26, 2015


Amid financial crisis the sales of luxury goods slumbered, as it became inappropriate showing wealth in such a way. Once the worst was over, contrary to expectations, the opulence did not return. High-end fashion is only now coming to terms with new generations of consumers putting personal taste and individuality before conformity.

These days it is all about originality and the obvious signs of affluence in the form of logo-emblazoned goods are becoming unwanted. Be it out of respect or fear, even the rich do not go around anymore, bragging with five figure handbags or silk scarves. Yet again, social media played an important part in this transformation. By displaying luxury items over and over again, the objects became ordinary and lost the aura of exclusivity. Easy availability did not help either. The consumers can now buy branded items with a tap on the screen and the visits to chic stores in big cities became obsolete. Louis Vuitton or Gucci brands are opening stores in small towns and investing in new role models, like the Kardashians, all to broaden their customer base.

Worldly wise shoppers, as well as millennials, however do not go for flashy logos anymore.  So, the luxury brands’ nightmare has come true, building a trademark for so long, just to be ashamed by a new trend outside.


From → Zeitgeist

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