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Reaching for healthy snacks

October 21, 2015


Despite healthy living craze, more than half of eaters rather go for snacks instead of a proper breakfast or lunch, studies have revealed.

When deciding about which snacks to choose, single diners are starting to turn away from traditional nibbles and opt for healthier options. Fresh fruit and yogurts are replacing naughty treats like caramel bars or sweet energy drinks, while majority tends to avoid big size packing and buy single servings. Food manufacturers have already spotted the trend and are developing snacks that are supposed to be good for us. They are focusing on healthier ingredients and announcing to abandon artificial colors and flavors or reduce sugar and salt in their nibbles.

As demand for healthy snacks is on the rise, ironically, the most popular nibbles still remain unhealthy, with chips, chocolate and cheese on the top of the list. So much about healthy choices, when the tummy starts rumbling.

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