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Do not blame screens for sleepless nights

October 19, 2015


We all heard about technology ruling our life. Sleepless nights, presumably caused by the blue light of the screens have recently been put under scrutiny, just to discover wakeful nights may be a result of something else.

Researchers went to remote places in Tanzania, South Africa and Bolivia in their quest for the truth. There, people living off the grid should be long and peacefully slumbering without computers and smartphones stealing their sleep. After more than a thousand days of observing peoples’ sleeping patterns, they found out this is not the case, as the average sleep time of those living in the deserts or the mountains was six and a half hours. Since our slumber time is an hour longer, the gadgets are off the hook.

Maybe fast paced and days full of impulses are behind the need for that extra hour. In any case, living in concrete or real jungle, it will always be hard to get out of the bed.


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