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Another unique generation

September 30, 2015


Another generation priding itself, not to look like everyone else is irritating marketers. The centennials or Generation Z as they are also called, have grown up in the disillusioned world of lost ambitions that is leaving a profound mark on those presently aged between 12 and 17.

While apparel retailers are wrestling with yet another group that does not want to live by their rules, advertisers are trying hard to engage the new anti-style movement. The nonlook trend, which had started among millenials, is itself becoming a big challenge. When millenials as teenagers were asked about their attitude toward fashion, two thirds stated to care a lot about whether their clothes are in style. Now, when centennials were posed the same question, less than half agree. It looks like more and more teenagers are abandoning advertised looks or peer-accepted dress codes in favour of their own sense of style.

One aspect of fashion that is becoming volatile for the manufacturers, as well as retailers, is increased fluidity of teenagers. Centennials are becoming less and less attached to traditional gender binaries or definitions of sexuality and, above all, cherish individualism and the right to be whatever one wants. As Dr. Seuss might put it: Whether you call them Gen X, Y or Z, you’ll surely have troubles to catch them in net.


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