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Trimming the chocolate

September 24, 2015


After several studies proved dark chocolate to be good for health, the taste around the world have shifted. Yet not all cocoa is good cocoa and big markings indicating high cacao content do not simply translate into benefits. Here is the trick.

When the beans are processed, half cocoa butter and half cocoa powder are obtained. The fat brings smoothness to the bar, while the healthy flavanols stay in the bitter powder. As manufacturers are eager to put 70% or 80% markings on the wrapping, additional cocoa butter is added to the mix, so the amount of good powder is actually being reduced.

Meanwhile the prices of raw cocoa have skyrocketed. As ever more people are indulging in the divine delight, chocolatiers have a new trick up their sleeves. Not wanting to raise the prices, they are simply trimming the bars. Our tin of chocolate is now a quarter lighter, than it was a decade ago.


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