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Why 2.55 is still young at 60?

September 17, 2015


As the iconic bag turned 60 this year, the quest for the ultimate accessory goes on. Purses have come a long way since the first pouches were used to carry precious seeds and medicine around. Women all over the world are still trying to find that perfect accessory that would not only keep all the many things we need, but would also look good and impress at the same time.

Utilitarism aside, it was the Middle Ages that saw the bag turning into a status symbol. The brides got the bags as a gift from the grooms, to show off their affluence, but all of a sudden womens’ hands became busy carrying the precious clutches around. That went on for centuries, until Chanel came along. After the Great War, she was observing soldiers’ knapsacks and came up with the idea of a shoulder-strapped bag, made especially for women. Yet it was too early for the invention to take off. The next opportunity came along whilst Chanel was trying to reastablish her brand. In the 50s, she turned for help to her previous designs. By taking a quilted rectangular shaped bag and attaching a golden chain to it, Coco created the famous 2.55, named after the month and a year it was made.

Simple design with flap-over front proved to be a prefect match between aestethics and practicality, that women still cherish. No wonder after all those years 2.55 is still a house bestseller.


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