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Monetizing colours

September 14, 2015


Everyone has their favourite colour, yet hues we initially dislike and would never go for, all of a sudden found their place in our closets, on the walls and furniture. It is all thanks to the secret meetings resulting in the Colour of the year.

Twice a year colour gurus from all over the world meet in an unknown European capital to choose the tone we will gradually embrace until the next one takes its place. The main culprit behind, is the behemoth that is inventing around 200 new shades annually. Pantone which started from a small advertising company more than a half a century ago is today, some say, to pigments what Anna Wintour is to the fashion world. Selling formulas to everyone, from fabric makers to designers it is part trendsetter, part enforcer. At the end of the day, it is not the colour shade that is important, but the economy, how many cars, pants or sofas of the chosen tint will be sold the next season.

There is also the psychology behind it. Lately, the persistence of oranges and pinks are linked to the growing concern for healthy food and the environment, whereas the blues, which are invoking trust and loyalty are presently the colour tech companies like to go for. Despite being moved to the digital platform the industry of colours blooms as never before. In the meantime, it is taking a good advantage of our need for stability and care for the mother nature.


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