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Selling gender fluidity

September 3, 2015


What Coco Chanel started nearly a century ago by blurring the line between women and menswear is turning into a new trend. After Selfridges this spring started to sell Agender clothing, the movement is gaining momentum and retailers are heading for the genderless future.

Suitability and appropriateness of not only toys and games, but also home decor and sportswear in accordance with gender have lately produced so much stir in the social media, that even mass retailers are trying to embrace the change. In the last attempt to lure customers, the American company Target has moved away from gender based signs. Department stores, as well as manufacturers, are clearly betting on a less binary vision of how we shop, dress and live. Numerous research show millenials are already accepting the concept of gender neutrality. Half of the respondents in this age group believe gender exists on a spectrum and should not be limited to female and male.

In an attempt to win the hearts of illusive millenials the companies are trying to follow the trend by embracing gender fluidity.


From → Zeitgeist

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