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Why crying is good?

September 1, 2015


Everybody knows crying is good for the soul. Do we however, really feel better after shedding tears or the feeling of relief is short lived? The scientists have recently unveiled the mystery behind a proper snivel.

By watching two heartbreaking films, the researchers from the Netherlands tested how crying affects emotions.  Participants were screened for their changing mood while watching La Vita é Bella, about a Jewish father trying to protect his son in a concentration camp and Hachi: A dog’s tale, about a dog faithfully waiting at the train station for his owner, who passed away long ago. The scientists found out the criers felt worse immediately after watching the film, yet later on, their mood substantially improved and not just restituted. Surprisingly, even when they already stopped sobbing, an hour and a half later they still felt better than they did before watching the film. Those unfeeling non criers however, completely missed out on the experience. During or after the film they stated no change in the mood whatsoever.

After stressful situation or emotional turmoil crying helps us to calm down. It also brings physical effects like normalizing body temperature and regulating blood pressure. Even the scientists agree shedding tears is good for the health. Maybe that is why a Japanese hotel has special crying rooms which help their visitors to more efficiently manage stress. They come filled with sentimental movies, tissues and warm eyed masks, offering shelter when in need for a good sob.

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