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In search for disruptive talents

July 24, 2015


Business vocabulary has recently been enriched by a new phrase, disruptive talent. It stands for  creative, yet challenging people, the stubborn rule-breakers with the gift to think outside of the box.

Since this kind of employee is hard to work with, according to business people, why are the headhunters still asked to find them? The reason behind a company would be willing to take stubborn individuals on board is they provide organisations with valuable abilities like spotting trends, identifying commercial opportunities and tenaciously finding ways to achieve their goals.

One of the wealthiest disruptive talents, Sir Richard Branson says that if he were a member of staff at another business, his line manager would have to accept that he might not do things exactly as they would like him to do, adding all entrepreneurs are to an extent disruptive talents. For that idea to succeed, says Branson, you have to be doing it in a disruptive way, otherwise you’re just doing the same as everyone else and you are going to fail.


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