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That gut feeling

July 15, 2015


Why can’t we indulge in a small pizza slice or have just one spoon of ice cream? When we start eating fatty food, we usually do not stop until there is no more. The researchers of the University of Georgia now believe they have found the answer why fatty food is so irresistible.

Food, rich in fat changes our gut by altering the normal bacterial flora. But this comes at a cost. Such imbalance damages the nerve and not just any nerve, but the one responsible for sending signals we are full to our brain. It turned out we can eat as much fat in our food as we like and never be replete.

The gut feeling we had all along, that it is extremely difficult to avoid the fattiest, juiciest snacks has now been proven by science. So next time you caught yourselves overindulging in fatty food, it is not lack of will power, it is the guts.

From → Hic Salta

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