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It is rocket science to change stilettos

June 24, 2015


High heels have brought joy, but also pain and blisters to generations of women. We believed nothing could change that, until Dolly Singh came up with the idea, if anything, rocket science can make it.

Former executive of the rocket manufacturer that is catering the International Space Station has decided it is time to put more science into heels and created Thesis Couture. But modernising the famous shoe proved to be a serious engineering task. There is much more to stilettos than meets the eye, it took a team of an astronaut, a fashion expert and an orthopaedic surgeon several months to create the new shoe promising to lift us up without damaging our feet. Their stilettos pride with a three inch heels, but look like four inches. The creators abandoned the traditional metal rod and went for high-tech polymers instead, they even embedded aerospace foam in the sole to halve the impact of the feet with the ground and make walking more comfortable.

Sounds too good to be true? Since the final design has not been revealed yet, we will have to wait and see. But that early adopters who cannot wait to put the rocket stilettos on, can order limited edition for $925 or about €830 and expect their numbered and signed pair in autumn.


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