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Millennials turning against meat

June 10, 2015


Only a tiny percent of the population in the West is vegetarian, but ever more people are skipping meat from their diet. Health concerns, as well as mistreatment of animals, together with the environmental costs of raising the cattle are changing eating habits, with millennials taking the lead.

Replacing steaks and hamburgers for plant-based alternatives have become an obvious trend. Overall red meat consumption has been declining and chicken use stalling, while products made from plants are on the rise. Meat mimicking food made out of wheat, soy, and spices is now complemented by fake dairy products from rice, nuts and beans. The imitations should bring full flavour experience without the danger of harming the planet. With the vegetarian market booming, in the US alone, it is worth $2.8 billion-a-year, no wonder the food marketers are keen to explore how millennials are changing the eating habits.

The meatless meat indeed has the potential to prevent animal abuse and be good for the environment, the nutritional benefits, however may be less obvious. As plant-based meat products are highly processed and need many ingredients to mimic the texture of the real stuff, there may be other ways to do good for the planet. Maybe meatless Mondays or fasting on Fridays can do the trick.


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