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The sweetest bar

May 22, 2015


Its lovers are convinced there is no better cure for anything, from a bad day, to a broken heart, than a good old chocolate. A bar or a candy bar in America is a rather new invention, labour of food processing. For millennium chocolate was bitter, chewy and unappealing, until 19th century chemistry transformed it into an inviting delight.

Exactly two hundred years ago the Dutch chemist Coenraad Van Houten put alkaline salts into chocolate to remove its bitterness. A couple of years later, this fine man build also a press to separate fatty smooth taste of cocoa butter from the beans. It took two decades and another man obsessed with heavenly beans invented how to mould the bar. An Englishman, by the name of Joseph Fry, not only turned chocolate into an appetising confectionary, but also showed the other chocolatiers how to sell it.

The chocolate taste we all know today has been finally mastered by the Swiss, who found it is best to add milk to the bar. Since liquid and chocolate are great enemies, putting condensed milk into the mix did the trick. It not only made it cheaper, but also further smoothened the taste. And this is how the sweet chocolate bar we all love, was born.


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