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Ever accelerating fashion pace

April 20, 2015


Fashion houses used to present two collections per year, one for the spring-summer and another for the autumn-winter creations. This cycle is now under pressure from fast fashion companies like Zara and GAP, which are changing this fashion industry tradition.

Old brands are increasingly being challenged by mass retailers. Previously used to stock two times per year, currently they need to make four or six collections annually, to keep up. The information technology has made this quick fashion cycle possible, as companies are able to instantly track consumer needs, order new lines swiftly and operate with minimal stock. The Zara empire has been built around such sophisticated computer based system that can, in short time, bring fashion items from design to the stores and daily monitor sales. All that not only encourages customers to visit shops more often and regularly check for trendy items, but also provides a real time record of all the bestsellers that need to be in stores at all times.

Now even big fashion names have recognised the need to adjust their pace to keep consumers in stores. Prada for instance, has already introduced flash collections supplementing its main creations and take only a few weeks to be delivered. The latest in the line of big brands is Victoria’s Secret that recently announced it is going to speed up as well. The question, however, remains whether costumers will keep the ever accelerating pace of fashion as well.


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