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The Friday dilemma

April 17, 2015

5 Flapper

It is Friday and many women will soon face the dilemma, whether to spend the evening carrying a purse around or go hands free. The problem is not new, ever since women started going out, they are trying to find a place to tuck their belongings in. No wonder we are on the search to find the holy grail of a careless night out.

Having necessary belongings safely on you takes some old school ingenuity. The first choice for many is a bra, which has been filled with lipsticks and money for ages. Many products, like PocketBra with pockets in the cups and wings are carrying breasts and mobile phones at the same time. If you are afraid of harming your bosoms with microwaves, you can always retort to another good old trick, the garter. Originally entrusted to keep the stockings up, it has been transformed into wallet with pockets for your valuables. For those, however who choose leggings, an inventor now even came up with DoubleAgentShoes with a hidden place in the heel.

Any which way, having your belongings on you while dancing on the floor should not only bring you a peace of mind, but at the same time make you feel like Bond, Jane Bond.


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