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New darling of the wine world

April 14, 2015


The austerity culture has, among others, changed our drinking preferences as well. We are now more likely to have a bottle of sparkling over Champagne and leave pricy Bordeaux on the shelf. The new habit is making Italians the surprising winner in the wine market.

The French original has always been associated with luxury, yet more affordable Prosecco that tastes slightly sweeter is the new party sweetheart. According to the wine experts, this Venetian sparkling is particularly popular among women and millenials. Unlike the traditional Champagne method, which needs a mix of three grape varieties that need to be fermented in the bottle for at least 18 months, the Italian one is fermented in a large chamber from a single grape. At only a third of a price no wonder Prosecco, is now becoming a new darling of the wine world.

Some suggest, it embraces everyday life and is easy, light and affordable, therefore fit for every occasion. You can mix it with fruit juices, like peach or pomegranate or prepare aperitif Aperol spritz and impress without raiding the wallet.


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