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Food wearables

April 9, 2015


Would you wear a pancake earring or a bacon bracelet? Japanese artisan Norihito Hatanaka has taken his family business onto a whole different level.

The tradition of making fake dishes is an important aspect of catering in the land of the rising sun. Japanese cuisine, highly values presentation, as food should not only taste good, but be also pleasing to the eye. The intricate food preparation has become an art form of its own. While selling different dishes, restaurateurs often call upon craftsmen, who create plastic food models, to be on display in the restaurant window.

Norihito is behind the transformation of this skill into art. He is creating pieces of plastic jewellery and using food models to make wearable fake food accessories. From spaghetti headband and fruit earrings, to curry necklaces and doughnut ring, the Japanese artist has shown a new use for his food faking art. Kitschy and appetising, yet not so good to have around while waiting for dinner.

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