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Caffeine everywhere

April 2, 2015

White Coffe Cup With Beans (1)

Before electricity people used to sleep more, not by choice, it was out of necessity. As the century long quest to shorten sleep can only go so far, to get more out of the day is often achieved by a popular stimulant we all like, absorbed by every tissue in our body.

Traditionally confined to coffee and tea, caffeine is now everywhere. It is not only a substantial ingredient in power drinks, with ability to wake us up instantly, it is also in body sprays and soaps with a promise to take fatigue away. If all this fails and drowsiness still persists, caffeine stockings or toothbrushes, might do the trick. Last but not least, a number of drinks ridiculously rich in caffeine, like beer, keep-awake colas and even bottled water are just some of the beverages created especially for people who want to dodge snoozing.

The world’s most widely consumed psychoactive substance has the desired effect of delaying sleep, but it does not affect all people in the same way. It improves performance during sleep deprivation, yet in larger quantities can lead to physical dependency and provoke withdrawal symptoms. Depending on your body size and degree of tolerance a moderate dose of three to five cups a day is perfectly fine, it will usually subside in about five hours anyhow. Sprays, soaps or candies aside, to keep us awake, we still prefer a cup of hot brew that smells so divine.


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