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Rosie the Riveter employed by Nintendo

March 23, 2015


Nintendo is remaking Rosie the Riveter with its female characters. The gaming giant believes Tetra from The Legend of Zelda, Bayonetta from the Mario series and Lucina from Fire Emblem are celebrating Women’s History Month on the iconic poster. Not all agree this is a proper celebration.

The gaming industry has been trying hard to brush off allegations that women in their products are not only marginalized, but also overly sexualised and Nintendo is no exception. While several studies have shown that portrayals of women in video games negatively influence people’s perceptions of women in life, the latest move may be seen also as their attempt to become a bigger player on the market. After years of keeping its vast collection of games limited to their consoles, the Japanese company has recently announced it will make them available for mobile platforms.

Yet Nintendo is still lacking interesting female protagonists to appeal to a new generation of gamers. Its most famous character, Princess Peach, generally plays the damsel-in-distress character rather than hero while Bombette and Toadette are just pink versions of the male characters. The identity of Nintendo female characters has been lacking personality traits that their male heroes clearly possesses.

Maybe the increase in female players on mobiles is moving the giant of the gaming industry.


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