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Are smartphones virus prone?

March 12, 2015


We hold them tight on the streets, we play with them on public transport. Smart phones, that should make our lives easier, are becoming a liability as virus attacks are becoming ever more frequent.

Over the last years handsets have been turned into little handheld computers. With technological innovation and the shrinking cost of processors, mobile phones are now capable of holding our entire lives in their chips, from family photos to work emails and bank accounts. But this progress is coming at a price. Since our little helpers are permanently connected to the internet and seamlessly roaming through public networks, rouge hackers are trying to benefit from personal information, particularly from the financial details in our headsets. From simple viruses to ransomware, which seizes control of the phones demanding money to unblock owner’s data, malicious programs are targeting vulnerabilities in our smartphones.

Some call it another coax of internet security firms trying to have their share of the mobile market, while others point out smartphones are not designed primarily with security in mind. One way or another, the fact remains our little companions are becoming an important part of our lives. In recent study researchers discovered that people were worse at solving puzzles without their smartphones. When deprived of their gadgets, some even experienced physical changes, for instance elevated heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety.

Since phones are becoming an extension of ourselves might we, when separated, experiencing a lessening of ourselves.


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