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Munching through the skin

March 10, 2015


Imagine eating more than 500 different chemicals every day. Albeit in small portions, this is what women consume with beauty products. It takes 26 seconds for the chemicals in personal care products to the enter blood stream. Since the skin absorbs two thirds of our daily make-up, do we really know what we are munching?

An average woman uses 13 different beauty products every day. The cosmetic companies are persuading us, all chemicals in their products are safe, but what about cumulative effect? With no serious clinical testing, as required for the pharmaceutical industry, the question if the daily blend of many chemical compounds is really harmless remains obscure.

There are some restrictions. In Europe, there are 1,373 banned cosmetic chemicals, while in the US there are only eight. Some of them have been linked to cancer, other caused hormone problems or skin conditions. And it is not an easy task to spot them. The cosmetics industry is obliged to list all the ingredients, yet with an average lipstick or mascara containing more than 30 different chemical compounds and a perfume staggering 250, who has the time and energy to go through them.

Not all the ingredients are dangerous and ever more companies are using harmless and natural ingredients. But the best way to lower your chemical overload, however remains limiting the amount of beauty products and avoiding Dirty dozen altogether.


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