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Lack of sleep fosters brain ageing

February 17, 2015


As daylight wanes, our body starts changing to prepare for sleep. Night rest is the time when our brain is cleansing to recover and repair itself. In the modern world however, the stimulation does not end with the sunset. We now sleep nearly two hours less than our ancestors did sixty years ago. Even those who never check emails at night, end up living in a world where being on call round the clock is considered normal. All this comes at a price.

Recently researchers from Duke University assessed our ability to deal with insufficient rest. They discovered mental and physical consequences at those lacking sleep. An average adult requires between seven and nine hours of sleep per day. Most of grown-ups admit to slumber much less, with teens proved to be the worst as they are sleeping with their phones nearby, not to miss important messages. Maybe some have already noticed women need more sleep than men. Researchers believe this is because females tend to do lots at once and use more of their actual brain during the day, so at night, they need an extra hour.

A good and sufficient night sleep is highly important. Not only we show more anger and express hostility, especially in the morning, due to lack of sleep. Additionally, sleep deprived brain starts to look like that of a much older person. For a long and peaceful slumber it is important to get rid of artificial screen light that is disrupting our internal clock. Also thinking of all the things we need to do or did not get done just increase cortisol, the sleep killing hormone. Good night and sleep tight!


From → Zeitgeist

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