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How do we release burned fat

January 5, 2015


Have you ever wondered where all the fat ends up, when we exercise to get rid of the holiday pounds? Previously it was believed the fat burns out in a form of sweat or turns into muscles, simply melting away. A new study now suggests this is not the case.

A group of Australian researchers recently discovered that when fat is burned away, it disappears, but not through sweat, but with breathing. The results of the study revealed 84 percent of fat is consumed via breathing out carbon dioxide and only a tiny little bit goes out through sweat and tears. Sadly, heavy breathing alone will not get you far, as breathing represents only a mean by which the body dispatches fat and not the fuel itself. Despite the discovery, there seems to be no easy way to get rid of pounds, you cannot exhale it unless you burn it off first with exercise or diet.

So, in the end it all comes down to sweat and tears again, they just evaporate into thin air.


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