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The earthy colour of the coming year

December 18, 2014


Marsala colour that should be seen everywhere in the coming year is stirring controversy. The earthy, reddish-amber hue got its name from the fortified Sicilian wine. Until now it has been mostly associated with chicken recipes and relaxing moments with a glass in hand.

And that is exactly why the opponents dislike it. As a nurturing and fulfilling colour, they believe it fits well in kitchens and dining rooms, but not so much in clothing, handbags and accessories. In addition, they comment it looks like the 80s popular Burgundy, only a bit worn and tired. Nevertheless Marsala the colour of earthy pots and oriental rugs matches well with warmer shades like taupe, grey, umber, even golden yellow and turquoise like it.

Would you choose to dress in Marsala tone, it should enrich your body and soul. Associated with elegance and sophistication no wonder celebrities have already embraced it.


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  1. The model’s waist though..


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