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Next villain in the sweet line

December 16, 2014


After bad reputation of white sugar, next in the sweet line seems to be corn syrup. The leading North American chocolatier Hershey’s is the latest high profile company choosing between the two malais.

Although leading medical associations state there is not enough evidence to restrict the use of cheap alternative to table sugar, more and more people say they are trying to avoid corn syrup because they believe it has harmful effects on health. The manufacturer of KitKat or Whoppers that currently uses a mix of sugar and glucose-fructose syrup does not want to take any chances. To make the customers happy and avoid bad publicity over diabetes and weight gain they are now moving more toward sugar. Many other food companies recently turned their backs to this notorious sweetener, but the biggest drop in corn syrup consumption is because people are massively cutting back on sodas.

Embracing costly sugar may not be the best for the industry, but food companies are trying hard to juggle between sweet tooth cravings and the need for healthy living.


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