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How much running is enough?

December 5, 2014


A growing body of evidence suggests running is a key to longevity. Still, those who believe the more the better may be surprised to hear marathon is not always the right path to take.

The Copenhagen City Heart Study, which is monitoring people for almost 40 years, found out that the runners add six years to their life expectancy. So, should more intensive exercise give us more years? Researchers from the University of Missouri tracked thousands of joggers and non-joggers for more than a decade. They discovered that those who vigorously ran more than four hours a week lost much, if not all, of the longevity benefits.

How much is enough, then? The researchers believe they have found the perfect formula. Those running between 1 to 2½ hours weekly at 5 to 7 mph (8 to 11 km/h) and taking at least two days off, have the best chance to live happily ever longer.


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