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The Angels know how to fly high

November 26, 2014


Despite several campaigns for more realistic presentation of female body, Victoria’s Secret sticks to the old proven formula. This year top models Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima will lead other 25 angels, all having something in common, the notorious size zero.

Carefully choreographed show moved from New York to London in an attempt to conquer the old continent. Lingerie seems to be resisting online sales, so Victoria’s Secret, that already operates stores in Europe, is aiming for more. At the same time, the brand is trying to increase sales in the US by exploiting popularity of Kate Middleton and the royal couple. They are even trying to lure the most fun loving royal to the show. While announcing this year’s location Adriana Lima stated We would love to invite Prince Harry….he definitely has a front row seat.

The glittery runway full of top models in lingerie with wings is watched by millions around the world. These angels certainly know when it is the best time to fly high. The shopping season is just around the corner.


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