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There must be something in the water

November 20, 2014


Remember how your mother used to say, You cannot catch stupid? Well, recently scientists from the US discovered, this time mothers might not have known best. They found a virus in some peoples’ throats, which provokes poorer cognitive performance and may affect ability to learn.

Dubbed as the Stupid virus, ATCV-1 lives in fresh waters. For a long time it was believed only algae can be infested. However, while looking at throats of people with poor cognitive performance, researchers stumbled upon it again, so they became puzzled. To test the theory that ATCV-1 affects cognitive ability, the scientists retorted to mice. What happened next was, the infected mice were indeed having troubles at learning a maze.

For the time being, no one knows how exactly the Stupid virus works or why some people catch it and others do not. But it puts the saying There must be something in the water in a completely different light.


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