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Guess who is buying motorbikes?

November 4, 2014


Last year major Ducati dealer in North America took original posters and replaced the female model with half naked men. Gentlemen in red stilettos leaning over heavy motorbikes were trying to seduce female customers. Sudden interest in ladies has been motivated by increasing sales of motorcycles to women by staggering 30 per cent.

One in 10 motorbikes in the US is already owned by a woman. This summer, another company symbolising freedom on two wheels, has joined the party. Harley Davidson came up with the design specifically made for women. Smaller handle grips, lower seats and different foot peg positions should suit ladies better. It was a logical next step for the brand that has been heavily investing in its female base. Over the last eight years Harley was throwing garage parties for women and teaching them how to ride big motorbikes.

The industry admits majority of growth in sales these days comes from women. Therefore the manufacturers of motorbike fashion and accessories are also trying hard to appeal to the ladies. There are already dozens of female motorcycle clubs all over the world, including India, Russia and Brazil. Even the International Female Ride Day has been set up to celebrate women riders. No wonder the makers of bikes and gear are reaching out to women like never before.


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