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Tech needs to pick up the gender pace

November 2, 2014

Tech women

Women are increasingly breaking the glass ceiling and moving into higher positions. Nearly half of the workforce are females and we are having better chances to land management jobs. Unexpectedly, one sector is lagging behind.

The technology industry, which should be at the pinnacle of change, has shown little interest in bringing women in. With only 18% of women occupying leadership position in the US, the situation looks dire. Much so the major companies in the Silicon Valley publicly announced they will bring more women on board and fight misogyny in the workplace. But however bad the situation in the US might be, the Europe fares much worse. Only one in ten leading positions in the EU is held by women, which pairs it with Africa and the Middle East.

The reasons behind gender inequality in the European tech are still obscure. Some believe traditional hierarchy and more institutionalised behaviour is to blame. Other point the finger at resumes. While searching for job in Europe, much more personal information is disclosed. Revealing age, marital status and even the number of children are inadvertently reinforcing stereotypes and biases. Tech might be the fastest growing industry, but it still needs to pick up the gender pace.


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