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La Perla, women desire and men admire

October 29, 2014


Italy is known for family owned fashion businesses like Versace or Missoni, but there is a rather unknown name behind a famous pearl in Italian lingerie.

It all began when Ada Masotti, a housewife from Bologna bought a sewing machine to start making underwear on her kitchen table. Her creativity and intuition made business bloom and soon it grew into the corset workshop. Handmade lingerie sets were carefully packed in small velvet lined wraps and sold in the neighbouring shops. The distinctive boxes, similar to those used by real jewellers, let to the company’s name, La Perla. With the sixties came the revolution Ada eagerly embraced. Traditional white or skin colour underwear, previously seen only as a functional part of a wardrobe, was awaiting transformation. By using patterned fabrics with sensual details Ada created opulent colourful lingerie, women had not seen before.

 Ada Masotti and her La Perla played a significant role in the evolution of luxury lingerie, transforming bits of lace, satin and wire into something women desire and men admire. Her pieces sublimely bring out appeals that are not only supporting women physically, but also emotionally. Although La Perla has gained a life of its own celebrating its 60th anniversary, it still keeps the original idea of playing with intimate and delicate side of femininity.


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