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We cheat when we are tired

October 27, 2014


Some people are honest and others are not. Are we all cheaters, occasionally breaking the rules? Questions of morality are pestering thinkers since the beginning of time. Now scientists believe they figured out what is causing good people to do bad things.

A recent study discovered we are more likely to cheat when we are fatigued. Previously it was believed that morality peaks in the morning and vanishes at night, it turned out however, we are tired in different parts of the day. So, it all comes down to whether someone is a morning, intermediate or an evening person. Larks that are peaking in the morning, are more likely to cheat later in the day and night owls turn into cheaters with the crack of a dawn. Since majority of tasks are done in the morning, evening people usually come out as the biggest cheaters and early birds are the ones who look ike the most honest bunch.

This notion proved to have an impact in our everyday life as well. Employees and customers are becoming cheaters when tired, so do doctors and nurses, they for instance start skipping hand washing when worn out. But the worst off are teenagers, their hormonal balance is making them night owls that tend to cheat morning tests.


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