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Sportswear is Betting on Technology

October 21, 2014


Every year we are spending more money on clothes to put our sweat, blood and tears in. The fashion industry is now trying to cash in our concerns about health and well being with the help of technology. Sportswear companies are increasingly inventing new garment fabrics or transforming old ones to win consumers.

Next year, Reebok will offer tops, bottoms and footwear with Kevlar, stuff bulletproof jackets and space rockets are made of. Another high performance material Cordura used in racing cars, has already hit the stores. While some brands are betting on high-tech yarn to change how we dress for work out, others are going after wearables. A Canadian niche market company has put 3,000 sensors in a t-shirt to monitor every move. The smart tee is not designed only to record physical activity, but also to process information and alert the wearer of any unwanted changes, like not following the training programme.

From cutting edge materials to sensors in clothes, all is created to make tech conscious consumers happier and the slice of the $200 billion market bigger.


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