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From Popeye to Superfoods

October 14, 2014


Half a century after Popeye popularised spinach which no one liked, food marketers coined the term superfoods. While trying to boost sales of certain produce, they did not expect their campaigns will start the healthy eating craze and change the food industry forever.

There is no official list or medical definition of superfoods, the term is generally applied to produce packed with vitamins and antioxidants. There is plenty of evidence that diets rich in superfoods are healthy, their designation however is all about marketing. Crops like kale, blueberries or almonds and recent newcomers like quinoa, chia or amaranth are rich with good nutrients indeed, but so are other fruits and vegetables. Lately even health experts admit they all bring benefits. One thing is certain, common items of the same nutrition value cannot afford the prestigious price of the superfoods. After scientists for instance declared almonds are the best single food a person could eat, sales exploded, but so did the prices. The price of almonds doubled over the past five years and is on the rise.

Would Popeye today, instead of gobbling spinach from the can, get his strength from a plate of fresh kale with almonds on top?


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