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In any shape or form as long as it is black

September 24, 2014


The Great War brought to women dramatic changes, taking them out of their homes and into offices and universities, giving them voting rights and The little black dress.

The whole generation of young women started to wear black, but it was not a fashion craze, they were expressing their loss. After some time this symbol of sadness unleashed so much creativity, it was altered into any imaginable shape, form or size. However, the first published picture of the black dress is attributed to Coco Chanel, who put it on American Vogue. A short, calf-length piece, decorated only by a few diagonal lines was forecasted to become a uniform for all women of taste.

Economy and elegance of the little black dress kept its popularity all through the Great Depression. It was again in line with the spirit of the time. Its acceptance was increased by media and technology as well. Filmmakers relied on the little black dress because other colours looked distorted on screen. Even the World War II could not stop it, on the contrary, the widespread rationing of textiles made the garment popular among women entering the workforce. It stays with us ever since and it seems the little black dress has taken a life of its own.


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