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Redheads and female CEOs are rare

September 17, 2014


There are five women at the helm of 100 FTSE companies, which means they are as rare as natural redheads in the country. In the media however, people with red hair and fair skin are far more common than on the street. Why is the MC1R gene so popular with advertisers?

While some suggest interest in redheads is associated with sexual attraction, others believe is their rarity. Uncommonness activates reward seeking parts in our brain, which is handily wired to the sense of novelty. When humans see something unique, the desire to inspect it more closely kicks in, sensation advertisers are eager to monetise.  One way or another, men do find women dressed in red more attractive and women perceive images of men on a red background more appealing. Since waitresses wearing red make more tips than the ones dressed in any other colour, it looks like the colour red also brings out generosity in us.

Relation between women CEOs and media is similar to the redheads’ and one can only hope the phenomenon will go beyond natural curiosity to analyze the rarity.


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