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Buying with your eyes feels less artificial

September 10, 2014


Changing food packages is always a risk. High costs aside, companies do not want their customers to play hide and seek while reaching for their usual cereal, they might even grab the rival’s box. With the healthy eating fashion, now even the most conservative producers need to redesign.

We prefer buying food we can see, believing it tastes better and feels less artificial. Clear packaging suggests products are simple, natural and fresh, something shoppers are seeking these days. But making produce visible comes with a lot of problems and a price tag. Who wants to see tomatoes all in agony after that long journey on a ship? No wonder companies have rather spent money on advertising and expensive design. Now, it is time for adjustments and they have new tricks up their sleeves. Covering the bottoms of the bags to hide broken nuts or coating ingredients to protect their looks are just some of them.

Paradoxically, to look fresh food needs to be even more processed and further treated. Therefore, the freshest produce are still sold unpacked and they do not always look as good as they taste.


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