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More women than boys play games

September 4, 2014

Player Girl

It used to be a men’s world. The gaming industry, which is expected to generate sales of $100 billion this year, is going through a tectonic change -a vast and fast increase in female players.

Women and young girls used to play computer games with their families, now they are doing it on their own. Smartphones boosted this trend to such extend that nearly half of gamers today are women. Astonishingly there is much more gamers among females over 18, than boys under 18. Have moms repossessed the consoles from their children? In fact, the data show the trend is spreading on all gaming genres and it looks like game developers are taken by surprise.

In the past companies avoided female characters altogether, blaming additional costs to already pricy production. Heroines were a rare breed. Now, with the gender shift they will have to start working on female lead characters to make all its consumers happy. The industry has already acknowledged some adjustments need to be made. However, earlier this year a leading game developer still cancelled the option to play as a female in its coming hit Assassin’s Creed game. Something changed in between, and last month the company announced that its future titles will feature more diverse lead characters, with words: We are working on that…. We’ll try to be less like we have been in the past with some characters.

But putting girls to fight on a battle field wearing a bikini will not do anymore. Game developers will have to be very conscious and cautious to make sure that the female characters are going to be as cool as the male ones.

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