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The seven pieces

September 2, 2014


It has been nearly three decades since Donna Karan listed seven items every woman should keep in her closet, to get through the week dressed for every occasion. The details may have changed, but the original idea remained.  So, how would the seven pieces look like today?

Top of the list still goes to three female classics: a blouse, a pencil skirt and a tailored jacket. The blouse with the skirt, in a shape that never goes out of style, will always work. They can be matched with the jacket and topped up with the newcomer, the trench coat. This versatile gear against chilli wet days has been borrowed from the male wardrobe and so did the other two novelties on the list, slim fitting indigo denim and a t-shirt. They have both become women’s best friends, while running errands.

Last, but not least, no female wardrobe is complete without the little black dress. Dress it up or dress it down, the possibilities are endless, just make sure it is not too short or too tight and you are always ready for the transformation.


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