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Cashmere that cleans with light

August 19, 2014

cashmere scarf

Cashmere is not only known for its silken feel, but also for its delicate maintenance.  To enjoy item woven from its precious fibres for a longer period of time, one either spends a fortune on dry cleaning or do the washing at home. One way or another after a while cashmere is going to lose the colour and texture.

The researchers at the City University in Hong Kong decided to do something about it. After several attempts they stumbled upon magic material. Once cashmere was coated with Anatase, one of three mineral forms of titanium dioxide, it started to repel dirt. The chemical reaction makes oxidants, which break down dust, dirt and bacteria, while the sunlight causes tiny electric currents, which pull away the particles from cashmere.

It is believed this unique self-cleaning method may be applied also to other fibres. Think of Anastase protected clothes cleaning themselves on the balcony, while we save on water and dry cleaning.


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