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Sportswear, the new chic

July 23, 2014


Sportswear has boldly fused with the fashion world. Track pants are becoming the new jeans and yoga jackets are replacing hoodies. Last year activewear sales went up 9%, while the rest of the apparel world was achieving mere 2%.

Sports brands used to rely on beloved athletes to help them sell their products. Now they are borrowing ideas from affordable retailers. Remember top designers working with Target or H&M? Adidas is currently betting on Stella McCartney and Nike is working with Givenchy. It goes both ways. The famous fashion names are also after runners, yogis and cyclists. This year’s Chanel presented leggings and designer trainers. Fashion that function is going upscale and even the famous angels added lycra to their lace. Casual, athletic and healthy might be the new chic.


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