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What is behind female entrepreneurship boom?

July 15, 2014


Every year more women are starting their own businesses. To find out what is behind this female entrepreneurship boom the Bank of America surveyed women entrepreneurs and find out they are pretty optimistic about the future.

Nearly half of women surveyed started their own business in the last five years. Majority expect not only their revenue to increase this year, but also to continue growing. They are even hiring more employees. Where is this confidence in the current economic climate coming from? Female entrepreneurs admit to have less access to capital, but mainly compensate that by taking better advantage of their network and having excellent customer service. The survey also discovered some differences between female and male entrepreneurs. When asked about the key character traits, more women than men considered multitasking to be their strength. Women were more likely to list creativity and empathy as their advantage beneficial for their employees, whilst men tended to rely on confidence as their strongest attribute.

Despite these differences small business owners had to make significant personal sacrifices for their business to survive. Yet they all stated their greatest accomplishment to be: being their own boss and doing what they love.


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