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The ultimate summer fruit

July 9, 2014


Even with 92% water content, watermelon is packed with vitamins and antioxidants that bring us many health benefits. Surprisingly for such a hydrating fruit, it originally comes from the Kalahari Desert.

This cousin of cucumber and squash has already been harvested in the ancient Egypt, where it was placed in tombs of kings to nourish them in the afterlife. Long before seedless, mini, yellow and orange varieties were cultivated, watermelons conquered the world. Sometimes they have a hollow heart, yet even the brokenhearted ones have nutritional properties that are especially good for our cardiovascular health and the children know from experience, that those cracked pieces are sweeter than the rest.

Refreshing, sweet and low in calories, what more could we wish for on a hot summer day. However, if you happen to overindulge, you can always use it as a body scrub, it is good for the skin too.


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