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The Bikini Explosion

July 4, 2014


Tomorrow we are marking the anniversary when the first bikini appeared on the catwalk. It all started when French automotive engineer was strolling along the beach of Saint Tropez. He noticed women were rolling down their swimsuits to get more tan, when the ingenious idea crossed his mind.

It was 1946 when Louis Réard just took over his mother’s lingerie business and stitched together four triangular pieces of garment with a string. While searching for the right name, he took inspiration from the buzz word of the time, the first ever underwater nuclear explosion at the Bikini Atoll lagoon. The plan was to present the new design at the annual Paris swimsuit show, but no model dared to appear on a catwalk wearing it. Finally Réard found a nude dancer from the famous Casino de Paris who was willing to present the skimpy two piece string at the grand event. Just when everything seemed to be going in the right direction, the morality stroke again. Despite the explosive reaction among the crowd, fashion magazines refused to publish pictures of a woman showing her naval and bikinis were banned from the beaches.

It took another seven years and a Cannes film festival for the swimsuits to reappear. This time it was a young actress Brigitte Bardot, who was promoting her movie wearing bikini on the beach. The garment went mainstream and aren’t we glad it did.


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