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The freedom of your feet

June 23, 2014


Footwear in its cheapest form reaps staggering 20 billion dollars each year. Flip flops have been around since ancient times, yet still no summer can go without. Made out of papyrus, rice straw or rubber, their ingenious design lasts forever.

Interestingly, not only various materials, but also different toes for the thong were fashionable through time. The Greeks used the big toe, the Romans the second and the Mesopotamians the third one. This simple footwear reappeared in its modern form when American soldiers brought it back from Asia as souvenirs. Soon flip flops became symbol of a relaxed lifestyle near the beach. Children adored their colourful simplicity and parents loved their price. However, the flower power generation was the one, who spread not just free love, but also flip flops all around the globe.

As legend has it courtesans used them to leave prints saying Follow me on dusty streets of ancient Rome. Who could resist the temptation of relaxed times under scorching summer sun. Slip into this easy going footwear and join the freedom of your feet.

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