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Happy meal

June 16, 2014


Mediterranean diet has been praised for years. We have all heard of isolated islands in Greece or Italy where people have little illnesses and are living long and presumably happy lives. Their food obviously has nutritional benefits, how exactly it works, was a mystery up until now.

Biochemists from London and California believe they have unveiled the secret. It is not olive oil, fish or veggies , but the combination of them all. The unsaturated fat in olive oil joins forces with the nitrite in the vegetables to produce a powerful cocktail lowering blood pressure. That is why the diet is healthy, even though it contains fat. In the absence of olive oil, nuts and avocados along with vegetables also make the heart happy in the old days, researchers claim.

If biochemistry does not convince you, you may consider another benefit of the Mediterranean platter. Spanish scientists confirmed it reduces depression by 30% in people who follow it. Now that is a happy meal.


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