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When words go wrong

June 9, 2014

hfimmThe right package and a proper wording will get you very far. You cannot miss with the words like natural, farm or fresh when marketing food, unless the campaign goes wrong. And just this has happened to a major yoghurt producer in the US.

Their attempt to stand out from the competition when introducing a greek yoghurt under the name Simply 100, ended with remorse. While trying to draw attention to natural ingredients in their product, Chobani went too far. The company put the words “Nature got us to 100 calories, not scientists. #howmatters” on the lid, and it backfired.

Consumers got angry refusing to choose between their love for nature or love for science. Even more, many food conscious, well educated, science loving yoghurt eaters got offended. The twitter was flooded with rants pointing out just how much science is used to engineer yoghurt. The buyers also started questioning the ingredients of Chobani, something the company was clearly not aiming at with its How Matters campaign. Choosing the right words, even if you are a yoghurt is important, they may come back and bite you.


From → Zeitgeist

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