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May 19, 2014


With technology we are increasingly chopping time. Early computers glued us to the table for hours, laptops shortened that to half an hour, while the smatrphones reduced our interaction time to mere few minutes. The frequency however, has increased tremendously, so has the manners.

Just the other night, we were sitting in a bar with friends and having a good time. Every now and then one would take their smartphone out and check it. As with the yawn effect, it spread around the table like wildfire. Suddenly everybody was scanning their screen. After a few seconds all went back to normal and laughing around the table resumed. That happened a few times during the evening clearly showing a change in social etiquette, or my friends are audacious.

With a fifth of milennals using smartphones as their only connection to the interned, compared to just 5% of gen X, the change in communication pattern, as well as social convention is inevitable. It still is unacceptable to talk on your phone at the dinner table, but who knows what novelties like wearables will bring.



From → Zeitgeist

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