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Female CEOs rare as redheads

May 6, 2014

red hair

With more women like Ms Lagarde, Yellen or Barra at the helm of important institutions, it seems like gender gap is steadily closing. Despite all the media attention, statistics show a different picture.

After analyzing hiring patterns of 2.500 world’s largest public companies, the researchers came to a sobering conclusion. Only a fraction of CEO jobs go to women and they are the first to go when the things get sour. Furthermore, even when women get a high ranking position, they are often hired from outside the company.

This hiring praxis must be pretty persistent. There are less than one percent of women at the top in Japan, nearly two in India, Russia and Brazil and the US leading the way at 3.2%. This is the same as the proportion of people with naturally red hair. With the rising trend of promotions from within the companies, it seems this glass ceiling is getting harder and harder to break.

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